A new prostitute’s support program “The Orchids” has been launched in Mexico

25 Jun 2021

A new prostitute’s support program has been launched in Mexico

Mexico’s government had been denying and ignoring the coronavirus dangers for quite a long time until the prevalence rates broke all the records. Strict quarantine restrictions that made all hotels, touristic centers and entertainment establishments become unavailable, were rapidly implemented by the authorities to somehow settle things down. Many thousands of workers of the fields where close personal contact are required became jobless in a blink of an eye, but prostitutes suffered the most severe impact caused by these actions. That’s the reason for the governmental program “The Orchids” aimed at helping the sex-industry representatives to start in Mexico.

Pandemic financial losses

Since prostitution is legalized in Mexico, hookers struck by financial problems required a governmental support. Prior to the pandemic they had worked in entertainment centers and hotels where the international tourists were the major bulk of their clients. But all such facilities ended up being closed due to restrictions and the tourist flow has gone out forcing the ladies to hit the streets looking for a client to serve. Besides the high competition this harsh market is controlled by two criminal gangs that take their imposts for “protection” making hookers' earnings barely sufficient to cover the food.

Girls that are searching for their clients via the internet also have experienced some issues – the number of workers has increased while the client flow has sharply declined. The site https://pander.info/  shows us that the number of new prostitutes overwhelms while the attendance has dropped down. Such a stalemate has forced the night butterflies, who are honest taxpayers, to ask for the governmental support.

The program supporting prostitutes

Mexican governmental project made for supporting the working girls was called “The Orchids”. According to its rules, all hookers that require monetary support should pass the registration procedure on the special portal and https://pander.info/Prostitute’s support progthen collect the allocated funds in the nearest social support department. The one-time payment amount is 280$ which is a significant sum by Mexican standards.

More than 4000 young sex-industry workers have registered during the first week of the project functioning. And long lines of harlots were standing in front of the social services doors on the first payment day.