What it’s like to be a professional escort

8 Feb 2022

Being a professional escort is a job that includes lots of myths and misconceptions. Many girls get into this industry without knowing what it is all about. Let’s find out the things that are important if you are considering becoming an escort. 

Call girls are not glorified prostitutes

As a professional escort, you are selling your time, entertainment and attention. Sexual services are also included for those clients who want more than just company. On the other hand, when it comes to prostitution, this is a whole different story. An escort Leicester will offer you high-quality services, whereas a prostitute will only offer quick sex which in most cases is not satisfying. Professional escorts offer far more value to their clients. Plus, they don’t always engage in sex. They also offer company and sensual massage for those who want to relax and spend some quality time in the presence of a beautiful, smart and funny lady. Some men contact call girls purely for sexual services, whereas other date them for companionship. There are lots of businessmen who date escorts for various purposes including travelling. Indeed a high number of girls in the industry are being paid more due to their high-quality services. These girls don’t only offer sex, but attention and companionship as well. 

Escorts listen to their clients and take care of their needs

Those people who are skeptical of an escort business, think that once the lady is being paid she must do what the client wants. This is false, because escorts actually have far more control over the services they offer. There are some conditions that clients must respect and also definite terms. Some clients reject the ladies because they don’t want to agree to their terms. Yet, there are many others who understand that they are paying for the requests they have. If their requests are more complex or if they want to spend more time with the escort, then they must expect to pay more.    Professional escorts are stereotyped as being supper attractive, beautiful and smart. They are not dumb, even if many people think so. Some of them have even specialized graduate degrees. The truth is that the more educated the escort is, the higher her rates will be. There are plenty of clients who are willing to pay more for smart escorts. If you treat your job as a high-class business, then you will be respected by your clients. You should be smart enough to do other tasks as well. 

In this industry you must have lots of charm

Being beautiful and attractive is not enough if you want to become a high-class escort. You must be more than that. It depends on how you treat your job and what you do to be the best. If you think this is a temporary gig, then it’s okay. But, if you take it seriously and open up a business for yourself, then you must make sure you do everything in a professional manner. Those who are thinking that being an escort is easy, are wrong. The reality of this job is quite different from what many people think. There are lots of disadvantages, even though there are some advantages as well. So, you need to be very well informed about the industry before you choose to be an escort. Know exactly what you want to do and what you want to obtain, and do everything to reach your goal. Be the best at what you’re doing. 

There is a lot of care involved

Maybe you will say that this is not the case, but to be honest, in this job, there is a lot of care involved. It is very important to follow the proper safety rules and you must not be worried about the risks. The girls who work in this industry must be very careful about the way they communicate with their clients. It is essential to have as much information as possible before actually scheduling a date with a client. Plus, if you are on an outcall, you must not forget to verify that the given address is real. There are some risks that are being involved when working in this industry. Yet, by being aware of them and by taking precautions to avoid them, you will succeed and you won’t have serious problems. These days, there are lots of smart and rich women who have their own escort business and are quite proud of it. So, nothing is impossible when you really want something. 

Professional escorts must look stunning

The main difference between a prostitute and an escort is that a professional escort looks simply stunning. These ladies invest lots of money in their looks, which is why they are able to have plenty of wealthy clients. On the other hand, prostitutes are and look cheap at the same time. They don’t care about their looks nor about the clothes they wear. A high-class escort will always look amazing. Plus, she will know exactly how to dress depending on the occasion. Some of them are invited by their clients to various events and even on holidays. You will never know that an escort is actually an escort. She will always wear decent but feminine clothes. Her hair and her skin will glow. She will put on decent makeup and she will never embarrass you in any way. This is why you will also have to pay more money. Yet, the whole experience will be worth every penny because you will feel absolutely amazing. Professional escorts take care of their body as well, so they can be hot and sexy at all times. They regularly go to the gym and they eat healthy diets. These women are not only experts at sex but they are also very beautiful, charming, and smart. You can start conversations with them about anything. They are open-minded and funny. You can be sure that a date like this will never be boring but very interesting and exciting at the same time.